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A close up microphone in a recording studio

The Voice Distillery Innovative voiceover casting

Find the right voice.
In record time.

At The Voice Distillery, we believe there is a fairer, more efficient way to cast voices, enabling content creators and voiceover artists to connect, collaborate and create magic.

For Content Creators

The Voice Distillery is the online casting facilitator that swiftly delivers the perfect human voice because we understand that time is money.

We are the only company that uses machine learning for shortlisting auditions.

Based on your vocal brief, we automatically create a shortlist from the hundreds of custom submissions, meaning you only need to listen to the highest ranking auditions, saving hours of time whilst getting the perfect voice for your project!

Additionally, we rate the home studio quality of every audition submitted, so you can be guaranteed the perfect recording environment too.

Our casting services are now fully functional. If you’d like a presentation of our platform, please do contact us.

For Voiceover Artists

The Voice Distillery is the free-to-audition casting site. Our unique, technology enhanced approach ensures every audition you submit is considered as we believe your voice deserves to be heard. Our team has decades of specialist experience in analysing and understanding real human voices and we are passionate about making positive changes to the online casting process.

In addition to providing a free-to-audition casting site, we have plans in the pipeline which will enhance your booking success rate and understanding of the human voice – your voice. Watch this space!

Our aim is to create a matchmaking service, enabling you to take the creative conversation away from our site. During the beta phase we will work closely with our voiceover artists and content creators at every stage to ensure we develop the best process and technology that works for you.

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments or queries. Please do reach out to us at or use the contact us form on the website.