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A close up microphone in a recording studio

About Us

The Voice Distillery is an early-stage tech start-up, out of Queen Margaret University.

Our purpose is to end frustration and time-wasting for content creators who need a voice and fight the exploitation of voiceover artists.

Our vision is to become the most trusted voice casting platform by providing an affordable and educational marketplace for voiceover artists to excel, and an innovative tech platform that enables content creators to find the perfect voice in record time.

Our speech and language expertise coupled with our innovative technology delivers a scalable platform for content creators and voiceover artists, streamlining the voice casting experience and improving the audition process..

Our Key Players

With decades of experience in their individual specialisms, our core team has a strong commonality – a passion for the human voice!

Between us, we have industry experts on both sides of the casting process (voiceover as well as content creation), so we really do understand industry pain points from every angle.

In addition, we have a very strong speech science, technology, research and speech and language therapy background that we think will enable us to become pioneers in the industry, without compromising our values, vision or mission.

Our Values

We are curious and innovative
We are creative and efficient
We are community-focused and fair