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Content Creators

It is free to create an account and post a job. Once you have selected your chosen voice for the project you will be directed to our payment page. We charge a competitive 20% of the value of the job. Once you have paid you will receive the voiceover artists contact details.

Please get in touch with us ASAP. We will contact the Voiceover Artist and ensure you are both able to communicate promptly and directly.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. If you wish to pay via an alternative method, please reach out to us.

Currently no. Please contact us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

We are currently set up to take payment on a ‘per job’ basis, however we would be delighted to chat to you if this is an option you’d like to see.

Voiceover Artists

It is FREE to join. We do not take subscription fees or commission from talent booked via our platform – the budget you see on the job posting is the money you will receive.

Currently no. Most clients want talent to record a sample of their script as a more accurate way to cast the perfect voice for their project. In the future we may be able to accommodate this feature.

This isn’t necessary and runs the risk of distracting the client if you slate in a different vocal style to what is being asked for in the vocal brief

Our software will be able to detect script differences or if there is background music/FXs present and your demo will not be shortlisted (although the client can override this if they choose)

No – we are simply an online casting facilitator. Once a client chooses a VOA for their project we bow out of the conversation and give you full control over your new relationship with the client. This means exchanging contact details and direct invoicing

Absolutely! The beauty of our software means that only the best matched (both technically and vocally) auditions will be shortlisted by us. Clients can override our algorithms, but the talent remain anonymous unless they have been booked for the job. This means our talent can safely hone their craft without reputational damage with real scripts.

We encourage our clients to pay fair rates and guide them to both GVAA and GftB rate cards. Additionally, we are also working on a ‘report’ button if you feel the rates of a particular job are unfairly quoted.