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Microphone next to a Mac computer

Introducing The Voice Distillery

Tess Whittaker

1 min read

The voice-over industry is growing rapidly. As a talent, it can often be an uphill battle to make your voice heard. Working in casting, time constraints often mean talent gets missed. This is what we, at The Voice Distillery, aim to tackle!

Our team consists of professionally-trained voice-over artists, speech and language therapists, academics in voice research, software engineers, and business managers – all of whom have a passion for the human voice and technology. Our vision is to become the most trusted voice casting platform by providing an affordable and educational marketplace for voice-over artists to excel in, and an innovative tech platform which enables content creators to find the perfect voice in record time.

At the moment, we’re very busy behind the scenes developing our technology and we’re in the very early stages of building a roster of voice talent. If you’re a voice-over artist and you’d like to be kept up-to-date on our services, consider signing up to our mailing list by clicking the button below and sending us a bit more information yourself. 

We look forward to sharing more news and updates very soon!